What is Web 3.0? When is Web 3.0 coming?

Today the internet has become an important part of our life. Nowadays most of the work is done with the help of the internet and hence the need is increasing day by day in our life. In such a situation, the change in the Internet is definitely a thing and therefore in the coming time you will see such a version of it which you would hardly have imagined.

In Web 3.0, no person or company will have control over any website and its control will be in your hands only.

Web 3.0 has been in the news for quite some time. So, everyone wants to know about it, but still not much information is available about it.

But don’t worry. In this article, we are going to know in depth about Web 3.0 and will also cover many questions that arise in everyone’s mind like What is Web 3.0, When will Web 3.0 come, etc.

What is Web 1.0?

Web 1.0 is the first version of the Internet and it is also known as a static website.It was invented in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee and in this people could only read the given information by browsing the website and they were not allowed to do anything else.  Like – Account creating, comment, etc.

The interface used to be quite boring due to the website having content only in text form and we could not engage with each other or connect with anyone in it like in Web 2.0.  Because of this, people did not like it that much and it could not last long.

Web 1.0 had a lot of flaws and that’s why it was improved and after that web 2.0 started, the version of internet we are using now

What is Web 2.0? 

After improving web 1.0, Web 2.0 was invented which is also known as a dynamic and interactive website. In this, by browsing websites you can read information as well as comment, create accounts, upload files, gaming and connect with people. This version was invented in 2010 by Darcy Dinucci.

The internet we are using today is Web 2.0. Big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google etc. are also based on Web 2.0. 

Today you are able to create accounts on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., upload pictures, connect with people, comment on their photos.  All these things have been possible only because of Web 2.0.

On Web 2.0, you can browse the website and read the information written on it and can also create an account, which will help you to save that content and know any other information about that subject later, then you can get it easily.

In Web 2.0, sites are centralized over which a company or individual has complete control.  This also means that the company like – Google, Facebook, Amazon can use your data at will.  Most of these companies use your data to konsell other companies.

Many times you must have seen ads on your phone and wondered how you can see such accurate ads.  Actually, all this is possible only with your data.  These companies (google, amazon, etc.) store your data in their database and sell it to the companies running the ads so that you can see the exact ad.  Although, they do not sell your data to any wrong company, but, it definitely shows that your data in this is not 100% secure.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third and most advanced protection of the Internet so far, also known as “semantic web”.  Web 3.0 is a decentralized web that works on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.  Decentralized web means that no person or company has control over the website as it is in Web 2.0.  In this, the user has complete control over his data and content.

Since Web 3.0 works on Blockchain technology, it becomes very easy to protect user’s data.  Blockchain consists of a chain of blocks, which are connected to each other by a hash code.  Data or information is stored in these blocks.  This blockchain is spread over the network of computers around the world, due to which it is impossible to hack.

Where in Web 2.0, companies like google, facebook, amazon, etc. have full control over the web and they are able to use the user’s data according to their wish, whereas, in web 3.0, the users will have complete control over the web and the user’s.  No one will be able to use his data without permission.

This is the reason why big companies and the owner of Tesla company and the world’s richest person Elon Musk are opposing Web 3.0. Because it is believed that after the arrival of Web 3.0, google, fb, etc. can see loss.  However, now Google and Facebook (Meta) have started preparing for Web 3.0.

When is Web 3.0 coming?

Web 3.0 has arrived already in the year 2010.  In Web 3.0, you will have to buy a TLD domain. Domains like TLD domains are not available with any registrar; instead of it they are recorded in the blockchain.  There are many advantages of TLD domain like you can not only use these domains for blog or website, but along with this you can also use them as a social media username. Apart from this, it also has other advantages.

Right now we know that web 3.0 has arrived, but due to many technological difficulties, it may take some more time to get fully established.

Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency list

1. Polkadot (DOT)

2. Bittorrent (BTT)

3. Theta

4. Internet Computer (ICP)

5. Filecoin (FIL)

Web 3.0 FAQs

Web 3.0 is also known as?

Web 3.0 is also known as decentralized web or semantic web.

Does Google Work on Web 3.0?

Not now, Google is still on web 2.0, but, slowly it is preparing itself for web 3.0.

When will Web 3.0 be fully implemented?

Although Web 3.0 has arrived, but due to many technical difficulties in it, it may take time to understand and fully implement it, it may also take a few years.

Which version of the internet we are using now?

At present, we are using the internet version web 2.0 which is a centralized web.

How will Web 3.0 change our life?

In Web 3.0 our data will become very secure and its complete control will remain in our hands only.

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