How to migrate Safemoon V1 to V2 on Trust wallet

Visit the official website of the safemoon -, click on “connect to a wallet” to link to your trust wallet

step 1.

Change the network to "Smart Chain" 

step 2.

Now, Swap safemoon to SFM 

step 3.

After that, tap on 'Migrate' and click on 'Confirm'.  

step 4.

Manually add the new SafeMoon V2 custom token to your wallet by copying and pasting the new V2 contract address 

step 5.

Tap on filter on your trust wallet app. 

step 6.

Now, add custom token 

step 7.

Finally, consolidate the V1 SafeMoon to V2 by transferring the tokens to the new V2 address. 

step 8.

Check the balance of Safemoon V2

step 9.

How to migrate Safemoon V1 to V2 on Exchanges