How to migrate Safemoon V1 to V2 on the Safemoon wallet

To migrate Safemoon V1 to V2 on Safemoon wallet, first Update your Safemoon wallet to the latest version 


Login to your wallet and click on the swap option in the middle of the bottom. 

Step 2.

Once you have clicked on “upgrade to the safemoon V2”, your journey with safemoon is only just beginning. Scroll down and click on “Consolidate now” 

Step 3.

And then, a pop-up will appear. After reading, click on “I have read and I understand” and Swap. 

Step 4.

Click on “Smart Chain” and then change for safemoon. Then be asked to input the amount of Safemoon V1 you want to migrate to V2 .

Step 5.

The migration should take about 15 minutes and once it's complete, your Safemoon V2 tokens will appear in your wallet. 

Step 5.

How to migrate Safemoon V1 to V2 on Exchange