Top 5 Best Crypto Games for Metaverse in 2023

Are you an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast looking for the best ways to play in a virtual world? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top five best crypto games for Metaverse in 2023.

These games provide an innovative and immersive gaming experience with captivating visual effects and intriguing storylines.

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We’ll give you all the features of each game, along with our personal opinion about why it is one of our favorites.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already familiar with this type of gaming style, these games will change your perspective on what’s possible within digital currency platforms.

Read on and get ready for a thrilling journey through some of the most exciting crypto games around!

Best Crypto Games for Metaverse in 2023

Crypto games are grabbing attention for their ability to create an interactive gaming experience for users. These games will give an immersive experience of Metaverse gaming.

Here are our top picks for the best crypto games for Metaverse in 2023:

Alien worlds

Alien worlds is one of the most popular games in the crypto world. It’s a blockchain-based strategy game where players explore an alien planet and collect valuable resources and rewards. Alien Worlds allows users to build their own civilizations, use the in-game currency, stake their assets for profits, and fight against other players.

Alien world crypto games

In this, players are Forced to live on alien planets due to distruction of Earth planet. There is a post-apocalyptic outer space environment in which people live that makes the game more thrilling.

In alien worlds each worlds has it own unique environment where they live. With environment it also has different avatar, land, etc. The game also has a multi-player PvP mode where you can battle with other players and win rewards!

This game gives Trillium (TLM) token for completing the in-game tasks as reward. TLM token is an ERC20 token which can be exchanged for real money or other cryptocurrencies.

If you’re looking for an intense, captivating game with plenty of potential rewards, then this is the one for you.

Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild is one of the most popular and fast-growing blockchain games. This game gives you a chance to join the Metaverse’s ultimate guild – The Masters Guild.

Meta masters guild

You can become a Master in this game by collecting valuable resources like meta gems, weapons, or artifacts. After that you can convert these “gems” into $MEMAG tokens.

Here you can explore mysterious worlds and participate in challenging puzzles. The rewards you receive for completing tasks can be used to purchase items and upgrade your character, or you can also exchange them for real money.

The main purpose of this is to become a leading game in Web 3.0 gaming industry. To achieve this, the game developers have made this game very engaging and enjoyable.

The game has a unique dueling system which allows players to battle with each other in an epic one-on-one combat. You’ll need to master the craft of deck building, strategy planning, and combat techniques in order to come out on top!

Join weekly tournaments where you can compete against other players from all around the world.

If you’re looking for a game with plenty of strategizing and battling, then Meta Masters Guild is definitely your pick.


RobotEra is a blockchain-based game with an interesting sci-fi theme. In this game, players are in charge of building and programming robots to fight against each other in the arena.

RobotEra crypto game

In this game, you act as a Robot and build a world. You have a full access to make your own world.

You also have a multiverse which would be connected with virtual theme parks, different worlds, museums, and other entertainment places.

RobotEra has an advanced AI battle system that allows you to use your robot’s programming skills and strategies in order to win the tough battles. The game also offers a variety of challenges, quests, and events that will keep you entertained for hours.

RobotEra is perfect for anyone who loves a good sci-fi game with plenty of actions, rewards, and challenges!


Metablaze is an exciting new crypto game that combines elements of survival and adventure. In this game, you will explore Metaverse and battle against metagoblins to collect valuable Terranzinite crystals. The 3D design and graphics of these metagoblins will definitely attract and make you play this game.


You will need to use your skills and strategies in order to survive the metagoblin dungeons and become the greatest adventurer in Metaverse.

Terranzinite crystals that you collected can be exchanged for the in-game currency – MetaBlaze token. This token can be used to buy items or trade it on the market for real money.

Players can also join Metaverse clans and participate in special quests or events to win even more rewards.

Metablaze’s unique graphics and intense battles make this game a must-try for any crypto enthusiast.

Fight Out

If you are health conscious and gaming enthusiast at the same time than this game is for you. Fight Out is an amazing way to get fit while playing a game and earning rewards at the same time.

Fight out best crypto games to play in 2023

Fight Out is actually a fitness game in which you are to complete different types of health task such as doing an exercise, running and many more health related tasks.

The best thing about this game which you would love to listen is that this offers you A complete GYM where you can do weight training. It has its own advanced equipment and a healthy atmosphere which will change the mindset of the people for fitness.

If you’re looking for a new way to get fit, then Fight Out is definitely worth checking out! It’s an innovative approach to fitness that will help you stay motivated and reach your goals faster than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to fight out!


The Metaverse is a rapidly evolving space with plenty of exciting opportunities and new developments. With these five best crypto games for Metaverse in 2023, you can explore the world of virtual reality and enjoy a thrilling experience.

Whether you’re looking for an intense battle game or a more relaxed fitness game, all of these games provide entertainment and rewards that can be exchanged for real money. So, Get ready to explore the world of Metaverse and start playing today!

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